Wild & Wet Premium Membership
Be our Wild & Wet Premium Member!
Enjoy unlimited access to Wild Wild Wet all year round and other perks with savings of up to $700*. For more information, please visit https://www.wildwildwet.com/wwpm

Wild & Wet Premium Membership Family Package is available for sign up onsite at Wild Wild Wet Ticketing Counter.

The validity period of the Wild & Wet Premium Membership shall commence from the date of sign up and receipt of the membership.
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WWPM Adult Annual Pass (1 year)
SGD 108 .00
13 - 54 years old
WWPM Child Annual Pass (1 year)
SGD 68 .00
3 - 12 years old
WWPM Senior Annual Pass (1 year)
SGD 68 .00
55 years old & above
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